AVF Distributors (I) Pvt. Ltd. is in the forefront of the distribution and integration of Professional equipment, subsystems and systems for radio and television broadcasting, as also for recording and post production facilities in India and neighboring countries.

We integrate the equipment of world acclaimed Brands that guarantee long term reliability for round the clock operations. We specialize in On Air solutions for commercial FM, community radio, television studios and play out facilities for terrestrial, cable and DTH transmission.

We understand our customers’ requirements and are able to draw on the technologies of all our partner companies and to combine and adapt them for customer driven solutions, using resources optimally. We simplify the most complex broadcast system integration and installation and provide all the vital links in the broadcasting chain. Our systems are flexibly designed, so as to provide room for expansion or upgrades in a dynamic environment, minimizing obsolescence.

All our world class products are backed with a reassuring support of warranty from the original equipment manufacturer.

Today, our customers include India’s top radio and TV broadcasters in the government as well as the private sector; besides, recording studios, production and post-production facilities and educational institutions.

Apart from broadcasting, our range of test and measurement solutions for acoustics, audio and vibration finds applications in noise monitoring and pollution control as well. Currently, we have also made our presence felt in defense, space and research applications involving high quality measurement systems and equipment for recording of audio/video for in-house, media or archival purposes.

Whether you’re a new, upcoming broadcast studio or an existing one looking to migrate from analogue to digital, modernize or upgrade…from product selection to system integration, we cover it the most.