Audio Manager VU


AudioManager VU is a software solution allowing for the planning, deployment, management and supervision of multizone audio systems.
The solution can handle heterogeneous audio resources such as IP audio equipment (PYKO or 3rd party devices), sound cards (for analog I/Os) or ultra-low latency audio networks (EtherSound).

Technical Specifications

AudioManager VU is a time-saving wonder for Integrators developing complex audio systems involving events and scripts.
The solution will auto-discover the network and its attached devices for supervision.

Developers can add AudioManager VU features to their own solutions:
AudioManager VU offers a simple command protocol to manage domain-specific networked devices and functions.
It allows for direct in-app capture of audio streams (IP, EtherSound) and then handle it just like simple sound cards resources.
Alternatively, it will send IP or EtherSound streams to multiple audio zones.

Typical applications include;

  • Transport (e.g. station announcement system)
  • Theme parks
  • Hotels
  • Mission-critical applications (e.g. military facilities)
  • and much more…

Main functions

  • Routing
  • Processing (mixing, EQ, etc.)
  • Time, GPIO or user triggered events
  • Connection with 3rd party solutions (e.g. AMX)



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