For 20 years, Stage Tec have designed and manufactured digital mixing consoles. Versatile, flexible and offering impeccable sound quality, with these cardinal virtues they support almost any application. Sometimes however, they are just too big. Therefore Stage Tec developed AURATUS – a small production, broadcast and live sound console with 54 input channels and a fixed bus layout.

The basic idea behind the AURATUS was to develop a compact digital console suitable for predefined workflows in radio and TV production. Therefore AURATUS features not only a hardwired bus layout but also a user interface optimised toward quick and simple operation. This ensures that even inexperienced users will experience a shallow learning curve and secure handling. All relevant channel parameters are adjusted easily using the dual encoders in the channel strip, or alternatively in the master section.

AURATUS need not fear comparison with the large AURUS console in sound and build quality or ergonomics. In particular, the well-known AURUS philosophy of direct access to key parameters in the channel strip was also implemented in the development of the new console. AURATUS makes the many good qualities of the AURUS available for the first time in a compact and affordable on-air and live production console.

AURATUS has several features designed specifically for the broadcaster: for example, convenient audio-follows-video functions, remote-controlled fader (on/off), two freely assignable function keys per channel, extensive cue-light signalling, customizable N-1 buses, and timers capable of counting down as well as up.

A key feature of the AURATUS is that the console is optimized for operation at both 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling rates. I.e. a project does not have to be modified even when the sample rate is changed.

The main AURATUS component is the XCMC card. XCMC is a powerful yet compact plug-in card for the NEXUS system. It is just 3 units in height and incorporates both the audio-signal processor and the controller.

Like all Stage Tec consoles, AURATUS is fully integrated with the NEXUS audio network and can therefore access a wide variety of supported formats. These range from analogue microphone converters with 32-bit resolution to digital audio formats such as Dante Audio over IP, Dolby-E®, SD-SDI and HD-SDI, 3G-HD-SDI, AES/EBU, AES 42 (digital microphones), etc.


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