IQOYA *MOBILE transforms an iPhone into a high quality AAC and MPEG L2 recorder/editor IP codec.

Armed with just an iPhone, journalists can record audio, edit and send to the studio either live audio over IP or via FTP. All that is required is an internet connection, 3G or WiFi. IQOYA*MOBILE constitutes a professional grade “contribution” solution to set up a full-duplex connection between a reporter on the field and a newsroom or studio.

Easy to use:

  • IQOYA*MOBILE calls the studio on a single public IP address
  • Two buttons operation
  • Professional broadcast audio formats



      is available in two different versions:
    • Through direct distribution on iPhone App Store
    • Through Apple iOS Developer Entreprise Program(TM) : please consult your local Distributor who will help with Digigram in providing the best Solution for your fleet deployment


  • Robust NAT traversal and Full duplex RTP/UDP low delay streaming
  • Sends On Air Live microphone or prerecorded files
  • Fully interoperable with IQOYA V*CALL, *CALL/LE, *CALL
  • Professionnel codec algorithms (AAC, MPEG L2, G722/711)
  • N/ACIP compatible SIP signalling for audio format and Studio registrar
  • Includes smart file editing and ftp publication

Technical Specifications



iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4s, 5, iPad 1, 2

Audio-over-IP codec

AoIP stream

RTP/UDP, full duplex, ADTS encapsulation

Symmetrical RTP mode

Needs a single public IP address & port with UDP protocol

N/ACIP mode

SIP signalling to negociate audio format. Studio registrar used for transmission

Jitter buffer

Two adjustable jitter buffers for 3G/3G+ and WiFi


Audio sources

Streams from Microphone or local prerecorded material

Encoding algorithms

ISO MPEG layer II,  ITU G.711/722,  MPEG4 AAC, AAC-HE, HE-AACv2

Sampling rate

48 kHz and 44.1 kHz

File handling


Local PCM recording during Live broadcasting


Streams from local prerecorded material

Smart editing

Waveform selection in prerecorded material of On Air playback section

File publication

Push prerecorded file to ftp server



  1. DIGI_MARCOM-2013 brochure mobile & qmic


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