V*MOTE is an Audio-over-IP “SIP” software solution for remote contributions.

  • Simply install V*MOTE on a laptop PC to turn it into a professional “contribution” codec.
  • V*MOTE is extremely simple to set up and handle thanks to advanced ergonomics.
  • Establish a full-duplex connection with a newsroom or a studio in a breeze.

V*MOTE can establish an IP audio link to/from any N/ACIP (EBU Tech 3326) compliant codec and I3P (EBU Tech 3347) IP Production Intercom installed in the studio, including third party codecs and IQOYA codecs.
In order to face mobile networks with poor SIP interoperability, V*MOTE 2.0 includes a Manual mode to overcome tricky NAT traversal situations.
The contribution input – usually a microphone – may be either mono or stereo. Apply the included AGC (Automatic Gain Control)preset if necessary and send the resulting signal to the studio. The modulation of the transmitted signal is conveniently displayed in a VU-meter.

Technical Specifications

Connect to the Studio

  • Via SIP
  • Manual mode 1 : SIP used for format negociation only, without SIP server
  • Manual mode 2 : Symmetrical RTP mode without SIP signaling
  • Auto-accept incoming calls
  • Full duplex IP codec
  • Contribution feed
  • Return feed use distinct audio format and bitrate
  • Compatible with Kernel streaming, sound cards and DirectSound™ devices
  • Robust FLUIDIP® connection with jitter, loss, drift, QoS and FEC management

Interoperability with 3rd party devices

  • Compatible with N/ACIP (EBU Tech 3326) compliant codecs and I3P (Tech 3347) IP production Intercoms
  • RTP/UDP and Symmetrical RTP
  • SIP support

Easy to use GUI

  • Simple and optimized graphic user interface
  • Vu-meters for contribution/return signals
  • Return feed level management
  • Software AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • Software monitoring for contribution signal check
  • Rx/Tx status LEDs
  • Status LED with connection status & link quality report
  • Diagnostic mode including exportable log files

Record contribution

  • Direct to Disc recording
  • Record start (Manually or on OnAir signal send)
  • DirectSound™ driver for interfacing with 3rd party audio editing software

Contribution from play-out applications

  • DirectSound™ driver for interfacing with 3rd party applications (audio editing software, playlists manager…)
  • Independent Mixing and mute between Contribution and Play-out inputs.

Remote assistance from other IQOYA codecs

  • ON AIR signal ‘light’
  • Talkback signal ‘light’
  • AGC settings
  • Automatic local backup recording

Customizable settings

  • Distinct Administrator configuration and End-user operation modes
  • SIP account
  • Connection Book for SIP and manual contacts
  • Profiles management for Audio format and bitrate in any Connexion book entry
  • Easy Drag-and-Drop management and set-up of Custom Profiles
  • Audio devices selection
  • Audio formats alias
  • Connection quality (jitter / loss / FEC)
  • Password protected configuration


Supported audio formats

  • Linear PCM 16/24
  • ISO MPEG 1/2 layer I,II and III
  • ITU G.711/722
  • MPEG-4 AAC, AAC-LD, HE-AACv2, AAC-ELD (optional)
  • Enhanced apt-X (optional)

In the package

  • Sentinel Dongle or Dongle free versions
  • Dongle free version is tied to user’s computer LAN adapters MAC addresses
  • Installation file provided via a dedicated web pageLicense number provided during Sales process
  • Loopback codec available for SIP calls tests

System Requirements

  • PC with one free USB port (sentinel dongle)
  • Sound card or integrated chip set on motherboard, Kernel Streaming compatible, providing:
  • 1 audio mic or line input for contribution (mono or stereo)
  • 1 audio line output for Return (mono or sterero)
  • DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista or Windows 7/32 or 7/64 bits.
  • Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 installed
  • Internet access for setup (license key activation)

“Try & Buy” evaluation license on request (contact Digigram)

  • Demo license
  • Free SIP test account on request


  2. USER GUIDE Notice-V-MOTE-V4-4


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