The compact 4 way fader panels allow split fader console designs that can include desk space for scripts or paperwork.

The ON AIR 24 is a modular, flexible and scalable system with control surfaces laid out to the broadcaster’s specification. It offers easy configuration for self-ops, studio clusters or small workshops.

  • Easy operation, short learning curve
  • Access to all resources in a shared NEXUS audio network
  • Surface panels adaptable to user needs
  • Modular desk
  • Assignable push-buttons on the fader modules
  • Router access through NEXUS configuration software with user rights
  • Hot swappable modules/boards
  • Silent – no hard disks or fans
  • Full control of outboard and 3rd party systems through NEXUS logic control data (GPI, RS232, RS422, MIDI, 100MBit base)
  • Can be controlled by scheduling/automation systems (BFE, VSM, Netia etc..)
  • Configurable Windows GUI
  • Full static automation and snapshots
  • On-line PC editor (Virtual Surface)
  • Configuration of surface GPI, faderstart, backstop PFL and GPO, user keys
  • Extensive choice in I/O formats within the NEXUS Router
  • Monitor /TB circuits for control room and its studios
  • Split /monitoring and talkback functions
  • Full 5.1 and stereo with integrated downmix
  • Remote monitoring/operation and servicing via LAN


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