Multichannel sound card designed for mission critical applications in broadcast such as automated recording and play-out, multichannel production, archiving.

Technical Specifications

  • 4/4 analog and digital I/Os
  • 24-bit/192 kHz converters
  • Hardware sample rate converter on the AES/EBU inputs
  • Maximum input and output level: +24 dBu
  • Synchronization: AES/EBU sync, Word Clock I/O, video sync, LTC Input
  • On-board processing: PCM & MPEG MPEG Layers I & II play + rec, mixing, scrubbing, timestretching, pitch-shifting, 3-band parametric EQ, Maximizer, format conversions
  • Comprehensive set of drivers for Windows XP and Vista: Digigram np, WDM DirectSound, Wave, ASIO
  • PCI Express interface


  1. PCX442e User manual (English)


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