Housed in a light and ultra-ruggedized casing with professional connectors, it provides the low noise and high gain (until + 24 dB) demanded by professional dynamic microphones. Its extremely low power consumption (500 µA) enables long recording sessions and uninterrupted On Air interviews.

Easily customizable to broadcaster’s logo through Digigram Private Labelling Program, Q-Mic is compatible with most smartphones and tablets using 4 wires handset plug, particularily Apple iPhones 4,4S and 5.



  • Ultra-light (less than 75g) and ruggedized casted casing, built exclusively with professional components
  • Large adjustable gain (until +24 dB) to provide on smartphones input the high quality boost requested by professional dynamic microphones
  • No battery: the extremely low power consumption (500 µA) is provided by microphone polarization voltage.
  • Balanced XLR microphone input
  • Stereo-to-Mono Line input
  • Headphone monitoring from smartphone headphone output
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets using CTIA handset plug, particularly Apple iPhones 4,4S and 5
  • Option: label customization to Broadcaster’s or Talents logo

Technical Specifications

Material Ruggedized cast ABS casing,
Size Casing : 70 mm x 30 mm x 18 mm
Weight Less than 75 g (complete with cables and XLR connector)
Connectors Neutrik® connectors (Mic) CTIA compatible 4-wires Handset connector
Label Factory customizable through Private Labeling Program
Power consumption Typical : 500 µA, from smartphone Mic polarization voltage
Microphone input Balanced XLR, 3 positions switch : +24 dB, +7 dB, -11 dB gains
Line input 3.5 mm Stereo mini-jack, performs Stereo-to-Mono conversion
To smartphone Nominal level -36 dBu, compatible with recommended iPhone nominal level
To headphone 3.5 mm Stereo mini-jack, monitoring stereo smartphone output


  1. DIGI_MARCOM-2013 brochure mobile & qmic


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