The 4×2-channel AES/EBU input board handles AES/EBU and S/PDIF data and is available with either XLR, RCA coaxial, TOSLINK optical or BNC ports. In addition, versions featuring RJ45 and 15-pole D-Sub ports receiving all channels over a single port can be supplied for use in fixed installations.
The four stereo channels can also be configured as eight mono channels and be routed freely and independently on the NEXUS system.

The front panel can be detached from the board and be installed in an adjacent grid location (for example, a Base Device level with no backplane). The connection will then be established using a ribbon cable. This reduces the space requirements to 4 DU (XER-X).

XER-M Version for Digital Microphones

The XER-M version of the board supports digital microphones compliant with AES-42, Mode 1. It provides not only digital phantom power (DPP) but also microphone-specific signal processing features such as subsonic filters, pad, and limiting. The gain can be set within a range of -20 and 40 dB.
The standardized microphone parameters are viewed and/or set using the NEXUS control program. They include:

  • Factory ID, model ID, and serial ID
  • Synchronisation mode, pad, EQ settings, and polar pattern
  • Signaling
  • Wireless-microphone messages (»Low Battery«, »Link Loss«, »Squelch«)



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